June 11, 2019

Window management with Keyboard Maestro

Left Half Macro

Earlier I have written about using Keyboard Maestro for starting groups of applications. Another way I use it is to control the placement and size of application windows on the screen.

My usage of window managers is quite basic, I usually want to move a window to one of the sides of the screen, or to have the application fill the screen.

I have created three macros for this that grab the active window, and moves/resizes it to either the left or right half of the screen, or to fill the screen. The image at the top of this post shows the macro that moves a window to the left half of the screen.

I have assigned the same keyboard trigger for these macros, so when I type it, up pops a pallette where I can choose between Left”, Right” or Full” to quickly move the window to the desired position.

Screen Pallette

In a multi-display setup, Keyboard Maestro knows which display the window is placed on, and will will keep the application on the screen where it is being displayed.

I used to use separate applications for window management, but since Keyboard Maestro is highly capable also in this area, I have stopped using other apps for this.


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