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Upgrading the key hook of a Patagonia Atom Sling Bag

Being a bag nut, I have a couple of Patagonia Atom Sling bags in my collection, which are perfect for my daily carry.

Atom Sling Bag

There is one tiny detail about the bag that always bothered me a little. There is a little pocket on the side which can store keys and other items. It has a small strap with a plastic hook at the end, to attach to key holders and similar items. This plastic hook is a little flimsy, and the hook doesn’t close completely.

Flimsy platic hook

I had a couple of small dual-lock S-biners lying about which I thought would be a perfect replacement. They are small, and the dual locks mean they can be unhooked from the loop (unlike the plastic ones which I had to cut off.)

Nite-Ize S-biner

The small S-biners were the perfect size for the loop.

Nite-Ize S-biner

Pocket strap with keys attached:

Nite-Ize S-biner

I’m quite happy with this replacement, and I feel more secure that whatever is attached to the loop will stay there.

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