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musings of a grumpy old geek
Photography I have set up a separate site for my photography. In case you are interested, have a look at Dec 9, 2021 photography
Photography Dec 9, 2021 photography I have set up a separate site for my photography. In case you are interested, have a look at Baking bread Feb 28, 2021 DIY In the weekends I like to bake bread to serve for breakfast on Sunday mornings. Usually I make the dough on Saturday, and leave it to rise Manual Mode Sep 27, 2020 100DaysToOffload & Photography I’ve always been intimidated by the manual settings of my cameras. To be on the safe side, I always put on automatic mode, trusting the camera to One Hundred Days Aug 19, 2020 100DaysToOffload As I was reading through posts on, my attention was grabbed by a post from maique It was part of 100 Days to Offload, which basically is Upgrading the key hook of a Patagonia Atom Sling Bag Apr 15, 2020 Hacks Being a bag nut, I have a couple of Patagonia Atom Sling bags in my collection, which are perfect for my daily carry. There is one tiny detail DIY Chair - The Build Mar 1, 2020 DIY Last year I wrote about a carpentry workshop I was going to attend to build the Sedia chair designed by the italian designer Enzo Mari. To my Coffee and other things Sep 17, 2019 Mindful I no longer have a coffee machine. I have a simple plastic cylinder through which I press coffee manually. I buy coffee beans, and grind them by Exercise Aug 22, 2019 Exercise The summer holidays are over, and a relaxed attitude to food and drinks has reflected itself around my waist. It is time to get back on the exercise My favourite rucksack Jul 9, 2019 Gear is from an American company called Goruck. I bought my first rucksack from them around 8 years ago, and it has been my daily Reading Jun 24, 2019 Books Over the last few years I have cut down on social media consumption/participation, and increased the time I spend reading books. They say Emacs and org-mode Jun 13, 2019 Text Over the years I have tried different applications for task management, time management, note taking etc. I find myself always coming back to the Window management with Keyboard Maestro Jun 11, 2019 Mac Earlier I have written about using Keyboard Maestro for starting groups of applications. Another way I use it is to control the placement and size Recycled truck as rucksack Jun 8, 2019 Gear A few weeks ago I was listening to the Cool Tools podcast with Mark Frauenfelder and Kevin Kelly. Their guest was the swiss designer Tina Roth Workspaces with Keyboard Maestro Jun 1, 2019 Mac Keyboard Maestro is a tremendously useful utility for macOs with a myriad of different use cases. In this post I will describe one of them. There iPad, Audio and MIDI May 30, 2019 Audio Lately I’ve been having fun playing around with audio apps on the iPad. There has been a lot of development in this area, so there are plenty of The Raytracer Challenge May 30, 2019 Programming I am having a lot of fun working through the book The Raytracer Challenge. Basically it is a course on Test Driven Development made fun. Armed with DIY Chair May 27, 2019 DIY In June I will attend a workshop to build a chair designed by the italian designer Enzo Mari. In 1974 he published the first edition of